"Ivy Hill": a name that evokes images of nature and the quiet beauty of rural life.

To be able to capture the timeless qualities of home and nature is what is most important to Marianne. Whether painting the delicate markings of a butterfly's wings or the shadows created by the sun shining through a canopy of leaves on a farmhouse wall, her eye for detail and the natural flow of light takes us to that place. Many of her clients are architects and builders. They not only appreciate the precision of her work, but the "life" that she instills in her renderings. Marianne is a member of the Botanical Artists of Canada, and is the designer of their logo. 

While a student in the interior design program at Georgian Collete, she discovered her love of - and aptitude for - painting. Marianne's grandfather spent most of his life as a watercolourist and she herself sketched and painted throughout her childhood. However, it took the encouragement of one of her college instructors, an architect, for her ability to flourish. Recognizing her potential, he hired her to compose a few architectural pieces for him, thus awakening the passion for perspective renderings and watercolour painting which have become Marianne's mainstay.

In the years since her graduation, Marianne's architectural depictions have graced the brochures of many architects and builders, B&B's and historical societies, including those of the Local Architectural Conservation Advisory Committee (LACAC) of New Tecumseth, Ontario. Her botanical paintings have been exhibited in the prestigious Canada Blooms and Botanical Artists of Canada's annual shows. The Ojibway Club at Pointe au Baril holds an Annual Art Show of which Marianne is a participant. For years she has been a featured artist in the acclaimed Headwaters Studio Tour as well as the North of 89 Studio Tour. A versatile artist, Marianne's most "famous" work is a copy of a Modigliani, commissioned by the Art Gallery of Ontario and used in their television commercial promoting the Barnes Exhibit in 1994. 

Aside from watercolour, Marianne also enjoys painting in acrylics. Pastels and Pen & Ink are favourites as well. She welcomes commissioned illustration work from proud homeowners who wish to have their home portrayed, as well as architects, developers and builders who require detailed and accurate renderings of their projects.

Please call the studio for an appointment at 519.925.3280.

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